Kitten Found with Two Bad Legs Gets Lift from Lego Wheelchair

To help him get around, his foster dad commandeered some of his son’s Lego, creating a wheelchair that allowed Champ to play and interact with his littermates.

Jelly Roller: Homemade Walker to the Rescue for One Kitten

“We tried to make this [walker] as light as possible. The idea is that we want her to develop the coordination and strength to pull herself along.”

Start Your Day the Right Way…With a Tiny Kitten and a Smile

Get things started the right way today by spending a little bit of time enjoying a live stream of six orphaned kittens, who were, thankfully rescued in the nick of time. Here is their story as shared by out of Canada: Remember Shacara, Cassidy the #MiracleKitten‘s awesome vet tech who took such great care of … Read more