Kitten Found with Two Bad Legs Gets Lift from Lego Wheelchair

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“Champ,” was found in a farmer’s barn and rescued by Cat Rescue Maritimes (CARMA)(New Brunswick, Canada) but had no use of his back legs. While prospects initially looked grim, everyone simply fell in love with the little guy.

So, to help him get around, his foster dad commandeered some of his son’s Lego, creating a wheelchair that allowed Champ to play and interact with his littermates.

“They just fell in love with him and accept him just the way he is,” said Terry Peck, founder of CARMA, about the foster family. “Humans could learn a lot from animals.”

Champ’s Lego wheelchair is too small for him now, so CARMA is seeking funds so they can buy him one that adjusts as he grows.

For more information about CARMA and helping Champ get his wheelchair, visit their website at and mention “Champ.”


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