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At Life With Cats, our mission is to provide readers with practical and helpful advice on all aspects of cat care, covering housing, feeding, health care, and grooming. Additionally, we aim to entertain our audience by curating the funniest, cutest, and most heartwarming news stories, videos, and photos from around the world. 

Our team of experts are well-versed in veterinary medicine, nutrition, care, and cat health. They deliver up-to-date and practical advice for modern cat lovers. 

Building on this foundation, we are dedicated to creating more thought-provoking and interesting articles to enrich the knowledge of cat lovers in their journey of cat care.

Life With Cats Focus

Our dedication to all things cats covers more than fun and lighthearted informational pieces. What started as a community blog has blossomed into a site that cover the following:

  • Cat behavior
  • Cat training
  • Cat training equipment, tips and tricks
  • Easy to follow tutorials
  • Fascinating cat facts
  • Heartwarming cat stories

Our Current Stats 

Life With Cats has a strong following that we continue to grow. Our most recent online stats in March 2024 include:

  • Website Overview
    • Domain Rating – 43
    • Domain Authority – 58

Facebook Followers: 204k+ followers

Twitter (X) Followers: 2300+ followers

Stats are regularly updated, and we can provide the most recent numbers if you contact us (please see the form below). 

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Product Review

At Life with Cats, we specialize in product reviews that cater to the needs of cat owners and lovers. Our expertise goes beyond writing detailed reviews; we also provide tutorials and guides on how to effectively utilize your product. 

If your product is relevant to our cat lover website and aligns with the topics covered on our blog, we invite you to get in touch by filling out our contact form. Please provide us with the necessary details, and we can begin discussing rates and collaboration opportunities.

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