Start Your Day the Right Way…With a Tiny Kitten and a Smile

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By Adrea

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Get things started the right way today by spending a little bit of time enjoying a live stream of six orphaned kittens, who were, thankfully rescued in the nick of time.

Here is their story as shared by out of Canada:

Remember Shacara, Cassidy the #MiracleKitten‘s awesome vet tech who took such great care of him that first horrible night at Animal Emergency Clinic? Well, on June 28, someone brought in six starving kittens they found in a barn after their mama had been killed. Shacara contacted us, and we just happened to have room for them… plus one old Grandpa cat who might be willing to do some kitten-sitting once they are feeling better. 😉 

These little guys would not have survived much longer, as all six were well on their way to starving to death. They weigh between 215 and 275 grams at 4-5 weeks old, but should be more than double that weight. 

They’ve had a tragic start in life, but we are going to do everything in our power to make sure their days from now on are filled with nothing but comfort, love and kitteny shenanigans. 

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