Just in Time for the Weekend: How to Understand Your Cat

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If you weren’t sure about what kind of plans to make for the weekend, how about taking a little time out to better understand your cat? After all, every cat lover knows the world revolves around our feline companions, so why not make every effort to get to know them a little better.

Whether this provides any magical answers or not is up for grabs, but if you recognize one or two things, have a giggle and, perhaps, an “a-ha!” moment, it will be time well spent.  Because, of course, everything IS all about your cat.


1 thought on “Just in Time for the Weekend: How to Understand Your Cat”

  1. My 4 month-old, neutered, brown-tabby male kitten likes to launch himself onto my back/shoulders. He sometimes uses his claws to ensure a hold, which is painful to me. What do I do about this?

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