Jelly Roller: Homemade Walker to the Rescue for One Kitten

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Kerri Ridge, a volunteer with Pawsitive Match, snuggles with Jelly. (Photo: Global News)

“I noticed when she was three weeks old that she wasn’t as mobile as her siblings,” Kerri Ridge, a volunteer with Pawsitive Match, told Global News.

Jelly has a condition that means she has no leg control and gets around using her fore paws, but it has not slowed her down.

“It doesn’t get better and it doesn’t get worse,” Ridge said. “So this is how Jelly will be for her life.”

Still, Ridge thought that Jelly might appreciate some assistance and put out a request for someone “handy,” to take up the challenge.  Enter Kevin Swanson, an engineer who wanted to put his unique talents to work on behalf of the kitten.

He created a little walker that sports a sling to hold Jelly’s body. “We tried to make this one as light as possible. The wheels are off of model airplanes actually. [It] gives her a little more mobility with her front legs. The idea is that we want her to develop the coordination and strength to pull herself along.”

“She’s just a little cutie and you really want to help out — give her a chance,” Swanson said.




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