Sarah McLachlan Adopts Rescue “Queen Peanut”

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By Adrea

Sarah McLachlan and her new kitten, Queen Peanut, whom she adopted from Ladybird Animal Sanctuary. (Photo: Ladybird Animal Sanctuary)

With a brand new name and forever home with superstar Sarah McLachlan, it is no wonder she already has had “Queen,” added to her name. That and she flew to her new home in First Class.

Browsing online adoptions leads to finding a little love

When Sarah McLachlan was browsing through the adoptable animals available on the Ladybird Animal Sanctuary  website, she came across an adorable picture and couldn’t resist.

Peanut’s page on their website now says the following:

Peanut - photo by Trevor Weeks

STATUS: Adopted
AGE AT ARRIVAL: Approximately 4 weeks old
ARRIVAL DATE: August 11th, 2018
ADOPTION DATE: October 7th, 2018
BREED: Domestic Short Hair
GENDER: Female

McLachlan longtime supporter of animal welfare

McLachlan is extremely well known for her work for animal welfare causes and her beautiful song, Angel, has become an anthem for the ASPCA.  She also has a very special connection to the rescue from which she adopted Peanut.  One of the founders has been a bandmate for years, and McLachlan has been a staunch supporter of the rescue.

Traveling in style

Lisa Winn, animal manager for the organization, took Peanut in a pet carrier to greet McLachlan who was flying home after a Toronto area concert.  It was the first time Ladybird has ever adopted an animal out to someone who lived so far away from their location, but this case was a bit different.

“Sarah had a huge smile in the airport when she met Peanut, she was so happy to meet her,” Winn told the Hamilton Spectator. “She played with her for two hours in a lounge before the flight, so (the kitten) would sleep well. … Peanut was a real trooper, a good kitten.”

Did we mention that Peanut flew to her new home in First Class? Now that’s the way to start out a new life in a forever home!

For more information about the Canadian charity, please visit

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