Small Town Hires Cat Chief to Care for Local Strays


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Jobs with cats seem to be coveted more than ever these days.  Take the idyllic position on a Greek Island as a feline caretaker that had over 40,000 applicants from around the world.

Another dream job for cat lovers

The newest position, for which there were 80 applicants, was for the position of Cat Chief. A small town in Russia, Zelenogradsk to be precise, has a tremendous fondness for its stray population. In fact, the town in so cat crazy, they have a cat in their new logo as part of their effort to rebrand. Thus, the position was created for someone to officially take on the responsibility of caring for the beloved kitties.

All in a day’s work

The lucky candidate is one Svetlana Logunova. The position pays 5,700 roubles (about $85) a month and includes some pretty snazzy perks.  She not only gets a bike to help her get around to her wards, the job comes with a bright green blazer, bow tie, and stylish top hat, all as part of her uniform.

The 54 year old Logunov told Russia News Today she is a military retiree and former kindergarten teacher.  But don’t call her old, as she says she is still young

As to the town itself, for those who know about Zelenogradsk, it probably comes as no surprise that there is a collective love of cats among residents.  Cat statues, artwork, and the like are all part of the local scene.  In fact, their central park features sculptures of stray cats and a big feeding dish. They are hoping their cats may become an attraction for visitors.

Local artwork posted on Reddit. (Photo: u/Morozow)

70 stray cats is a big job

Logunova is ready to take on the job, but knows it will take a lot more hands than just hers to look after the 70 or so cats about town. “I alone cannot care for every single one and a helping hand would go a long way,” she told Times of India.  Perhaps some of the folks who didn’t make the cut for the Greek position will offer to come by and help out?

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  1. Bless her heart. I’m glad she is feeding these kids. I do hope they are going to get them fixed as well. At least someone stepped up to help.

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