Psychic Cat Predicts Royal Baby Will be a Girl!

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By Adrea

Phoenix the psychic cat (pictured) has a strong record of predicting the gender of babies and this summer correctly predicted that Christine Lampard would have a baby girl

Maybe there is something to cats having amazing powers? Consider a psychic cat with the ability to predict the gender of the Royal baby.

A confirmation by Kensington Palace on Monday, October , kept the rumor mill at bay.  Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, is pregnant. There is already a lot of speculation as to whether Prince Harry and Meghan will have a boy or a girl, but there is one kitty that has all the confidence in the world he knows the answer.

Psychic cat appears on TV to make prediction

With all the speculation about the Royal couple being pregnant out of the way, it seemed only proper that whether the newest member of the family might be a boy or a girl became the topic of conversation.  One television host decided that the only way to resolve that question was to get the “go-to kitty for all things requiring prediction. At least from an entertainment perspective. So she called on Phoenix, the “psychic'”cat.

A psychic cat predicted that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's baby will be a girl when the feline appeared on ITV's Lorraine on Tuesday morning. He made the prediction by eating from a pink bowl instead of a blue one

No hesitation

Host of the television talk show Lorraine, Lorraine Kelly, has had Phoenix on her show before to make predictions. Most recently the kitty correctly predicted the correct gender of a celebrity baby. He appeared via video waiting in front of two bowls. One pink. One blue.

Phoenix had no hesitations and headed right over to the pink bowl. Seems his psychic powers were in full force and that a baby girl will be in the future for the Royal pair.

“He was straight in there! Straight in there,” Lorraine shared with her audience.


One very cool cat

Can the psychic cat with the stellar record be wrong this time around? Guess we will all have to six months wait to see if he keeps his streak going.

A giggling Lorraine Kelly, 58, was shocked when Phoenix chose the pink bowl straight away, and said she could now buy 'pink presents' for the baby. Pictured: Lorraine on the ITV show on Tuesday
Television host Lorraine Kelly was absolutely gobsmacked Phoenix went straight to the pink bowl. (Photo: ITV)

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