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cat news

Tiny kittens saved from the bonfire by a whisker

Two tiny kittens have had a lucky escape after being found in a bonfire pile just hours before it was due to be lit. Read more

Cats and prisoners program celebrates a successful four years

Humane society volunteers and prisoners at a Southwest Washington correctional facility are celebrating the success of a cat socialization program started four years ago. Read more

This beautiful baby girl is Leela! She's had quite the life so far.

Leela the kitten found a caring home after she was born outside and had to have an eye removed due a rupture of unknown cause. Read more

Rescue Kittens Searching For Forever Home, But May Have FIV

These kittens were born on the street and were found underneath a house to a mama kitty who has tested positive for FIV. Read more

Little girl comes to the rescue for trapped kitten

A little girl who discovered a trapped kitten saved the day when she helped firefighters by getting into a small space they were unable to access. Read more

Dino’s Story: Kitten is rescued by caring person with help from animal control

A little kitten’s life was saved by the caring person who heard his cries for a week and the animal officer who helped locate the trapped little guy. Read more

Kitten Survives Near-Death Experience With Hawk

A kitten is lucky that concerned citizens were watching when it was picked up by a hawk and then dropped from the air. Read more

Henry gets help to heal

A sweet injured kitten in Edmonton has touched hearts and is being helped by an outpouring of love and support from animal lovers. Read more

Special Needs Manx Kitten Finds His Forever Home In Arizona - Bebe's Roadtrip

Bebe is a special needs kitten who found his new home through the power of the Internet. Read more

Coya's treetop rescue ends at a new place called home

A sweet kitty named Coya was rescued from the treetops last month and has found herself a home. Read more

Stolen Indiana cats end up at Albuquerque shelter

A pair of closely bonded cats stolen from their Indiana home have turned up more than 1,000 miles away at an Albuquerque shelter. Read more

Cat with head caught in trap gets help

Bob the cat was helped after getting his head caught in an improperly set fenn trap, but his owners say he has not been the same since the incident. Read more

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