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cat news

Sometimes it Just Takes Time: One Kitten’s Journey

Alvin is a one year old sweet, yet feisty, orange tabby male who is healthy and thriving. However, that isn’t how he came to Friends for Animals Read more

Cat Survives Collapse of Burning Hotel

A lucky cat was very upset but unharmed when he went down with a burning building that collapsed early last Thursday morning.

An onlooker shooting video at the scene of a fire at a venerable hotel in Dauphin, Manitoba captured the action when, a little black and white cat appeared in the frame of an opening a second before the building collapsed onto the sidewalk. Firefighters and others at the scene were surprised and relieved to see kitty running from the wreckage.

Kitty, whose name is Sylvester,  was taken to Dauphin Vet Clinic to be checked out. Other than being very distressed, and suffering from the effects of smoke inhalation, he was unharmed. Sylvester was reunited with his owner, who is thought to be one of several residents living in the hotel before its collapse.

The RCMP has taken a man into custody in connection with the fire.

Here is David Katcsma’s video of Sylvester at the scene of the Towers Hotel fire and collapse: Sylvester can be seen toward the left before the collapse.




Kitty Transformed by Love & Now Searching for Home

Tuck was surrendered to Kitty Cottage, a no-kill cat rescue in Pennsylvania, in early 2013 along with her sister Nip, following the death of their Mom. Read more

Cat is Rescued from Burning Home Amid California Wildfire

Napa firefighters rescued a cat hiding in a closet of his burning home earlier this week as the Boles wildfire swept through the town of Weed. Read more

Cat Saves Family from House Fire

A family is giving credit and thanks to their seven year old cat after they escaped from a devastating fire at their home with just seconds to spare. Read more

Minnesota Man Builds Feline Fun House

Greg Kruegar has built an amazing habitat for his four cats inside their Minnesota home. Read more

Precious Photos Show the Unparalleled Bond Between a Girl With Autism and Her Cat

A very special cat is helping a little girl with autism to connect with the world. Read more

Smokey's Recovery

Kitten hit by car recovers from his injuries Read more

Missing cat Taboo is back home after two years

A missing cat named Taboo is back with his petmom again after two years, thanks to several people who pitched in to help him find his way home. Read more

Burned Mama cat and her kittens recovering as suspect sought

A Mama cat and her kittens are recovering from chemical burns as police and the Houston SPCA seek suspect. $5,000 reward offered. Read more

Little Dude RIP: Sweet big boy on weight loss journey passes away

Little Dude’s caregivers did their best for him after the sweet 36 pound cat’s family handed him over to them. He passed away Saturday after a sudden medical crisis. Read more

Dumped Newborn Kittens Rescued from Dumpster

A litter of newborn kittens are getting a second chance thanks to the family that rescued them from a dumpster and took responsibility for their care. Read more

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