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cat news

13 abandoned kittens found in in Staten Island are doing well

A Staten Island woman found 13 abandoned kittens on the side of the road Saturday evening. All are doing well. Read more

33 pound fat cat Sprinkles gets help

Volunteers were heartbroken when Sprinkles returned to them after 3 years weighing 33 pounds, but they are helping her to get her life back on track. Read more

A brilliant idea ...

A clever petparent has shared the most brilliant and practical solution to cat related office productivity issues: the desktop cardboard box cat trap! Read more

Firefighters rescue kitten from house set for demolition

Biddeford, Maine firefighters rescued a kitten from the walls of a burned out house scheduled for demolition. Read more

Cat plays surrogate mother to litter of abandoned pups

A Humane Society of Utah shelter cat nursed a litter of abandoned puppies and helped to save their lives. Read more

George Stands and Finds Fame

George gained instant fame after a series of photos of him standing on his hind legs was shared online. Read more

Miracle kitten is found after fire

A tiny kitten thought to have perished was found alive and well following a fire that displaced 150 people and their pets. He is being called Miracle. Read more

Photos: Marv is rescued from a tight spot

Poor Marv got himself into quite the predicament when he became stuck, upside down and wedged between two garage walls. Read more

Hungry 10-day-old orphan kitten gets bottle feeding thanks to shelter's Kitten Triage program

A feral kitten eagerly takes to the bottle for its first meal after being rescued, in a video made to show the success of a shelter’s Kitten Triage program. Read more

Helpless Baby Kitten Rescued From Granite Yard

Rocket almost didn’t have a chance at a new life. Read more

Rescuer reunites autistic 12 year old boy with his missing cat

A woman who helps pets to find their way out of a high kill shelter helped to reunite a 12 year old autistic boy with the missing cat who is his best friend. Read more

Photos: Firefighters treat cat with pet oxygen mask

Firefighters in Longview, Texas rescued a cat named Mazing from a fire at his home and treated him with oxygen at the scene. Read more

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