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two faced cat

Striking 'two faced' Chimera cat comes to shelter as a stray

A strikingly beautiful and distinctively marked chimera, or ‘two faced’ cat was found on the street last week and will be available for adoption if her family does not claim her soon. Read more

Rare Two-Faced Janus Cat Born in Brazil

A white two-faced kitten was born to a house cat in Brazil on Monday. Read more

Venus the Two Faced Chimera Kitty Cat Leaves New York

New video with Venus the two faced chimera cat shows her relaxing with her petparents after her appearance on the today show, and before leaving New York to go back home to Florida. Read more

Venus the Chimera Cat's Viral Fame Takes her to the Today Show

Venus, the strikingly beautiful cat whose markings have made her an instant star, appeared on Today this morning with her petparents. Read more

Venus the Chimera Cat and the Viral Fame That Created a Community

A cat with an unusual and striking beauty gained instant fame after someone posted her photo online. Her family is overwhelmed with the appreciation and good wishes for their little girl. Read more

Gemini, Kitten Born With Two Faces, Dies

A Rhode Island news team visited the tiny Janus kitten and its family yesterday for a video report. Sadly, little Gemini passed away today. Read more

Harvery Dent: Two Faced Janus Kitten Born in Florida

Mama kitty and the cats’ guardians all welcome the unusual kitten, born just days ago. Respondents to a Craigslist post looking for input and advice gave opinions straight out of the dark ages, though.

Read more