Venus the Chimera Cat’s Viral Fame Takes her to the Today Show

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Venus, the beautiful cat whose markings give her a two faced appearance, appeared on the Today show this morning with her petparents Christina and Chris. Christina spoke about how she came to adopt Venus three years ago when she saw a photo of the kitten, who was born on a farm. The discussion also touched on the question of whether Venus’ markings are natural, which they assuredly are.
In the week since we published Venus the Chimera Cat and the Viral Fame That Created a Community , the most widely seen of the three videos Christina has uploaded to YouTube has continued its viral spread, and now, two weeks after being uploaded,  has well over 600,000 views.  You can find the videos and the link to Venus’ Facebook page at our earlier story.

Christina has retained TransMedia Group in order to leverage Venus’ fame to help the causes she is passionate about. TransMedia Chariman and CEO Tom Madden said in a press release,”Our publicity will seek to connect Venus with charitable organizations supporting animal rights.”

Here’s the Today segment, which was somewhat shorted that planned, due to the program’s need to give coverage to Hurricane Isaac.

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Venus is thought to be a chimera cat but has not undergone DNA testing to confirm whether that is the case.

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