Rare Two-Faced Janus Cat Born in Brazil

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By Karen Harrison Binette



A white two-faced kitten was born to a house cat in Brazil on Monday.

A resident of the Brazilian beach resort community of Balneario Camboriu made a short video with her cat and its newborn kittens on Monday, including the rare two-faced Janus kitten born in the litter.

Clarice dos Santos said her cat delivered four normal kittens Sunday night, then delivered the rare kitten with two faces on Monday morning.

“The cat looks normal, but has a skull with two faces: two noses, two mouths and four eyes,” Santos said.

A veterinarian told Santos that most animals born with two faces do not live long and he would not examine the kitten. There are exceptions, most notably, Frank and Louis, of Worcester, MA, who was named the longest-lived Janus cat a couple of years ago at the age of 12.

Santos reached out asking for help for the kitten through the local media and has received offers from people saying they can provide medical care. For now, the kitten remains with its mother.

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