Glued to the Road, “Sticky” has New Home with Rescuer

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Found glued to a busy road in Salem, OR, the kitten has found a new home with her rescuer. (Photo: KPTV)

When Chuck Hawley saw something odd in the road and stopped to check it out, he was beyond surprised.  Glued to the road was a tiny kitten.

Covered in rubber cement

He was shocked to see her glued to the pavement of a busy road in the early morning hours. It seemed clear someone had intentionally placed the 5-week-old in harms way purposely.  It looked to be rubber cement, so he carefully peeled her paws off the pavement. Hawley took her immediately to the vet where she was checked and cleaned. In addition to the glue removal, puncture marks were found on her neck.

In an interview with FOX 12, Hawley shared, “When I went to pick her up, her feet were stuck to the road, and I’m like uh oh. So I start to pull her feet up – and it was like a rubber cement, so she was glued to the road. It was all under her neck and then she had a little bit down her side, but it was mostly her tail and her feet.”

“We were hoping that she had just walked through glue, but it was pretty apparent that somebody had soaked her feet in glue and sort of rubbed it into the pads of her feet. I think the way she was sitting someone actually went out and put her there. Because there were no glue foot prints around, it was just a glob of glue under her, so it looked like someone just took her and put her in the road.”


In spite of the circumstances, kitten will be fine

Hawley and his wife adopted the kitten they now call “Sticky.” She is adjusting well to her new home, including the family dogs.

Hawley’s wife created a Facebook page called “Sticky The Kitty” where they are sharing photos and videos of the recovering kitten.  Already Sticky has over  30,000 followers. “We’ve gotten messages from everywhere – Portugal, Australia, Sweden,” Hawley said“It’s not just us that needs good news, the whole word is just dying for something good right now.”

Sheriff’s investigating

Marion County Sheriff’s Office is in contact with Hawley as they investigate the situation.  Deputies have taken photos of Sticky’s neck injuries as they try to answer the many questions surrounding the case. Hawley is fairly certain the act as intentional.

The good news is Sticky now has a loving, safe home and it seems everyone couldn’t be happier.


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