Crystal,14 year Old Blind Cat, Goes Missing and is Found

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By Karen Harrison Binette

Home again! Marie Henson and her happy reunion with Crystal.

Crystal, I don’t know where you are or what happened to you, but you know I love you and I miss you and want you home safe and sound, but if something terrible has happened to you I hope you are resting peacefully.

Marie Henson, to her missing cat, earlier today before she was found.


14 Year Old Cat Goes Missing Without a Trace

Guest post by Marie Henson

Crystal was the first cat I got when I moved from Houston, Texas to the country in Dayton, Texas in 1999. Over the years I have had numerous cats and like most of us cat lovers they are not just a cat they are our family.

Crystal is a 14 year old flame point Siamese with crossed eyes. She became blind 3-4 years ago. I never rearranged my furniture since so she wouldn’t run into things. She learned to get around inside the house just fine. Occasionally she liked going outside. She never left the yard or stayed long, but late night Friday on March 1st it was discovered she was missing. All weekend we searched for her. Took our 2 German Shepherds and looked high and low, through the woods and around the neighborhood. Stopped by several neighbors and had everyone on the lookout for her. She was gone without a trace!

As I called her name and cried all I could think about was, what has happened to her, where could she be? We searched for hours on foot and I searched riding in my car. As night fall came and freezing weather all I could do is pray that she was safe somewhere where she would not be harmed.

I made myself literally sick, couldn’t eat or sleep. My husband told me to leave it in God’s hands and that I needed to stop being so upset. One thing people know about me is I am an animal lover, savior and advocate. I will go beyond my means to save any animal. Animals have always been a part of my life and I love them more than some humans. I could not just rest my mind and forget her. Never and I hadn’t given up hope.

On Monday morning March 4th at 8:23am I received a call from another neighbor to tell me my neighbor across the street found a cat that he thinks is my cat sitting on his lawnmower in his garage. He couldn’t get through my gate to come tell me because of my German Shepherds. I immediately ran over to find he wasn’t home; he was at my other neighbors trying to get my number to call me. The garage door was open so I didn’t wait or hesitate I ran inside and there she was peacefully laying on his lawnmower. I picked her up as I called her name and she meowed back at me like she was saying, “hi mom where have you been”? I was so excited and relieved that she was unharmed and safe! Apparently she had jumped the fence and took her a walk across the street and got locked in their garage without them realizing she was in there.

As soon as I came back from across the street she wanted down. Both the German Shepherds were wagging their tails and sniffing on her. They knew she was gone and were happy to see her.
I brought Crystal inside, where the first thing she did was eat and drink some water. Shortly after, she went to her favorite hiding spot in the closet and fell asleep.

I couldn’t be more thankful and excited than to have her back home. I couldn’t imagine not ever knowing what had happened to her. All I know is whenever she wants to go outside she will only go supervised!! Just as a child would be!!

I’d like to thank all my friends who showed their thoughts and concerns and kept me going. Also a special thanks to two of my sweet friends, Cathy Neely Miller, who literally lived vicariously every moment of the entire search via text messaging, and Debi Reidel who encouraged and gave me pointers to continue and never give up. Without them I would have been a worse case than what I was already.

Beautiful Crystal


Marie Henson also shared Pumpkin’s Story with us in December of 2012. Marie adopted Pumpkin after seeing his photo online at a Western goods store. Pumpkin was a kitten found dumped in a ditch.

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