Cat Group Raises Outcry Against Change in Shelter Policy

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A cat rescue group from Winnipeg is speaking out across all media to alert the public and express its opposition to a change in policy at the Winnipeg Humane Society that they say represents a huge step backward and away from practices that save the lives of animals.

Winnipeg, MB, Mar. 2, 2013: In an era when forward thinking animal welfare organizations around the world are marching, steadfastly, toward creating no kill communities, the Winnipeg Humane Society has taken a huge step backward, according to Craig Street Cats founder, Lynne Scott. The WHS yesterday revoked a long standing policy that allowed animals slated for death to be redeemed by the person who had surrendered them, provided that they had asked to be notified if the animal was selected for ‘euthanasia’. Those who surrender animals to the WHS are no longer allowed to sign a ‘do not euthanize’ order.

“This policy change places the Winnipeg Humane Society in the same category as the worst high kill shelters in North America,” says Scott. “They already kill thousands of healthy, adoptable animals every year. This change will allow them to kill more animals without having to explain why. The truly sad thing is that hundreds of animals that would otherwise have been saved will now be killed, because, apparently, the WHS staff is too busy to make a phone call to save a life.”

Craig Street Cats is a non-profit organization working to humanely reduce Winnipeg’s free roaming cat population, rescue kittens, and educate the community about feral cats. It was formed in 2008 in response to the many free roaming cats seen on Wolseley’s Craig Street during the winter of 2007 /08.

The above story is a press release from Craig Street Cats, of Winnipeg, Manitoba, a nonprofit rescue organization that is speaking out on the change in policy at WHS, and has brought the matter to the public’s attention, reaching out online, in print, and on radio and TV with its criticism of the change and what it means for Winnipeg’s cats. You can follow their updates and activities at Craig Street Cats on Facebook.

Below are radio and TV reports on the story. Each gives Craig Ctreet Cats’ view and also allows WHS the opportunity to defend its position.

Craig Street cats founder Lynne Scott spoke to CBC Information radio, as did Bill McDonald, who represents WHS and its position.


CBC TV  news covered the story. The WHS story leads the broadcast.

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