Cat Replaces “Ex” in Family Photos After Breakup

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The purrfect way to handle any break-up. Just ask Chloe Forsberg, whose sister, Emily, replaced her “ex” with Woof, their cat. (All photos: Chloe Forsberg)

It has happened to most of us. That horrible moment when you realize every single special event, day trip, or family function has your “ex” front and center. Not only does it bring up a rash of emotions, it is just plain irritating that “this person” already ruined a year or two or three and will now continue to haunt when smiling gleefully back antagonistically in those once oh-so-precious photographs. But, not to worry, here is one woman’s creative solution which may work well to abolish those ghosts and return the joy to (now) fond memories.

When Chloe Forsberg broke-up with her boyfriend of four years, sister Emily came to the rescue by replacing said boyfriend in all family photos with their cat, Woof.

“My cousin got married and my boyfriend — we were together four years — he was in all the official pictures,” she shared with TODAY. “When we broke up six months (after the wedding), my sister thought it’d be fun to replace him with a picture of my cat. It was a joke, really. I felt a bit bad to have the pictures ruined with photos of him. But my sister made me feel a bit better about it.”

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We think this may be the perfect answer for any photos bearing the likeness of anyone we prefer not to be reminded of for rational reasons…or not. And the best part? No PhotoShop skills required as Emily did it all in Microsoft Paint.

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Who wouldn’t want this face in ALL their photos. Sadly, Woof passed away last year, but his image will not only provide a lot of good memories, but lots of laughs, too. (All photos: Chloe Forsberg)

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