Cat Outsmarts Potential Catnapper

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Mo, minding his own business on his front porch, escaped a would-be catnapper. The entire incident was caught on video. (Photo: Samuel Evertson)

Mo is an indoor cat, but on occasion his owner, Samuel Evertson, will have the tiger kitty join him and his wife on the front porch to get some fresh air. Typically, they are all together, but in this particular instance, he was left alone as the couple sat inside watching TV. That’s when a would-be cat burglar swooped in, attempting to steal away the cat.

Mo, however, had plans of his own and escape the clutches of his captor.

Sam told the Omaha World-Herald he has had his feline buddy for eight years and had no idea who the young woman was. Lincoln police asked the media to post the video in an attempt to locate the the girl for questioning. A neighbor recognized the culprit and got in touch with police.

The police believe the 17-year old girl may have been trying to steal the cat on dare and, after making contact, sent her to the country attorney to respond to attempted larceny and trespassing charges.

The girl’s mother has said her daughter would apologize to the owner for the incident.

Officers have referred her to the Lancaster County Attorney’s Office for attempted larceny and trespassing.

The girl’s mother told police she would have her daughter apologize to the owner.

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