Abused Florida Kitten Oreo, Now Phoenix, is Adopted

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Oreo was victimized by Angel Roman, who bit his lips and burned his ears and whiskers with a lighter.  Less than a month later, the little kitten has recovered from his ordeal and has been adopted into a good home.

Oreo, after his abuse

Angel Roman’s photo was all over the news after his May 26 arrest for animal cruelty, and he remains in jail today, not having met his $100.000 bail. Roman committed his acts of cruelty and torture when was left alone with his roommate’s kittens. Oreo was hurt in the manner described above, another kitten was choked to death and two others were never found.

Things changed for Oreo as soon as he was taken by Palm Coast Code Enforcement, where he was placed in protective care and called Tux. “When it’s a cruelty case like this it goes to our heart and it’s a humane thing to do,” said Barbara Grossman, code enforcement manager, when commenting on the city’s and her own commitment to Oreo’s medical care and emotional rehabilitation. “He’s injured, and we have to make sure he’s well.”  While Palm Coast was prepared to pay for the kitten’s medical care, a Wisconsin woman paid his $300 vet bill.

Animal Control officer Eva Boivin also took a special interest in Phoenix, and took him home at night. A news video from June 4 shows the kitten happily playing in the code enforcement office, already looking like a normal, happy boy, thanks to the devoted attentions of his caretakers.

Over twenty people put their names in to adopt the abused kitten, but Jeannie Fontana was the first to place her name on the list. Barbara and Eva interviewed Jeannie and her husband and made a home visit where they met the couple’s other pets, two cats and a dog. All of the couple’s pets have been rescued. One cat had been feral and the other two pets were rescued from dangerous situations.

Jeannie and her husband renamed the kitten Phoenix to symbolize his new beginning, almost leterally rising from the ashes to a new and better life.

Phoenix, now, with new petmom Jeannie Fontana

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