Meet Bowtie: Special needs spokescat

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By Karen Harrison Binette


.Meet Bow-Tie, formerly a wreck of a survivor from a hoarding situation and now an ambassador for homeless, special needs and hoarded cats.

After being rescued from a hoarding situation in Charlotte County, Florida Bow-Tie the cat began his road to recovery at Cat Depot in Sarasota. Cat Depot board member Nancy Colby decided to adopt Bow-Tie and help rehabilitate him to become the new “spokescat” for Cat Depot.

Bow-Tie is a special needs cat who was rescued from a hoarding situation. He was malnourished, parasite and flea infested, had broken teeth, severe tartar, inflamed gums, a missing tail, deformed ear, hairless and bleeding skin, and was limping badly. Living in filth, eating trash, insects and rodents, without human attention or affection, he had no chance for change unless rescue came from outside the house.

After receiving medical treatment at Cat Depot, Bow-Tie was placed in a foster home for special care and nurturing and soon thereafter his foster mom adopted him. With the help of his mom, he has gained proper weight, has a full coat of healthy fur and no longer limps.

Bow-Tie is carrying on previous spokescat ambassdor Mighty Lou’s legacy and has taken on the role of “spokespurrson” for Cat Depot’s Friends Like Me program. He now accompanies Nancy around southwest Florida promoting this program to help homeless and special needs cats and kittens. His mission is especially devoted to raising awareness of the dangers of hoarding and to speak up for cats and kittens suffering in hoarding environments.

Below are two recent videos about Bow-Tie. This first is from Observer Media Group and the second is from Cat Depot and tells Bow-Tie’s story in greater detail.

Meet Bow-Tie the spokescat for Cat Depot:


Bow-Tie’s story – a rescue hoarding case and special needs cat:
Note: This video with Bow-Tie’s story, from August 26, ends with an appeal for Cat Depot’s 2015 Giving Challenge. The challenge has ended now.


Meet us tomorrow as we kick of the 2015 Giving Challenge at JDub’s Brewing Company & Tap Room in Sarasota. Between 1 PM… Posted by Cat Depot on Saturday, August 29, 2015
. Cat Depot is on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. You can read Bow-Tie’s Bulletin at the Blog section of Cat Depot’s website. See our posts on Bow-Tie’s predecessor, Mighty Lou: Mighty Lou: A Cat Overcomes Physical Challenges, Mighty Lou – Special Needs Ambassador Cat Extraordinaire! and In Memory of Mighty Lou, Cat Caped Crusader. . . . Meet Bowtie: Special needs spokescat

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