Cleyed the Cyclops, One Eyed Bengal Kitten’s Short Life


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By Karen Harrison Binette

Irene Hoyle DeHaan operates of Absolute Angels Bengals, a small in-home breeding cattery in Sacramento, CA. One of her cats had trouble with a delivery last week and was brought to the vet for a c-section delivery. Everyone in the room was shocked to find that the second of three kittens was a rare cyclops birth, with a giant eye centered on its face and no nose. The baby lived only a short time. The family made a video of the unusual little animal as Mama kitty was still delivering the third kitten from her litter.

Absolute Angels wrote this introduction to their video of little Cleyed, whose life was over practically as soon as it had begun:

We have a Bengal cat that was pregnant and only a day past here due date. On Thursday October 4th 2012 I brought her into our vet and I am SO Glad that I did, We have an amazing veterinarian who did the C-Section procedure and if she didn’t….. Mamma Kitty would be dead now.

All of us in the operating room experienced a VERY RARE once in a lifetime (Hopefully) kitten births. To start off, both horns of the uterus were twisted together THREE times. After untwisting the horns our veterinarian started the surgery and she removed the first baby, the baby was handed to me and I started drying her off. A vet tech came in and I handed her the first baby and got the second kitten that our vet removed….

WOW!!!! He floored me, I was in shock as I have only seen a picture of a Cyclops kitten like this ONCE ever… and that was on the internet. He was born alive and survived only a short time. This was a horribly sad experience, but very intriguing to us all.

A short bit after Cleyed was delivered, the third baby was removed and she was a beautiful healthy baby.

Mom and the two girls are doing WONDERFUL……

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6 thoughts on “Cleyed the Cyclops, One Eyed Bengal Kitten’s Short Life”

  1. One of the reasons why I will never get a pet from a breeder. Couldn’t watch the video. Seems wrong to video his tragedy when inbreeding was probably the cause. JMHO.

  2. Shame on you for breeding cats and earning profit. Can’t help but think this outcome is likely the result of overbreeding. Poor little fella.

  3. Irene,

    You are a wonderfully responsible pet advocate and breeder. There are so many people who do buy a pure bred thinking they will breed it for lots of money, and know little of the work and care needed to do so. Their heart isn’t in it, only greed. There will always be a demand and love for purebred cats, I sleep better knowing there are breeders like you out there and not just greedy, germ infested cat and puppy mills. People need to be realistic and not be so quick to judge.

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