Arrow Kitty Becomes Aria and Gets a Home

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Aria cuddling with Debbie Gorden on her first night in her new home.

We covered the story of a cat found weak from hunger and dehydration in Temple, TX last week with an arrow going through her mouth and out her side, in “Arrow Kitty” Gets Help From Local Vet and the Community.

Good Samaritan Christine Schiller saw the kitty in the parking lot as she arrived for work last Monday and hurried around the corner to the Temple Veterinary Hospital of Western Hills looking for help. Dr. Keith Gudgel accompanied Christine to the lot and took the injured cat back to the hospital with him for care. Dr. Gudgel removed the arrow, which had knocked out a tooth and spliced kitty’s tongue while doing its damage, and committed himself and his staff to providing the cat, thought to be a stray, with the best of care.

AK was reluctant to eat on her own, so that became the milestone her caregivers looked to before deciding to release her. On Friday morning, she was found to have nibbled some soft pouched food overnight; that development was met with enthusiastic expressions of joy.

After Arrow Kitty’s story became known through news coverage, word of mouth, and updates at the veterinary hospital’s Facebook page, several dozen people made donations to cover AK’s care, and left their names on a list of potential adopters.  Just days after her rescue and the removal of the arrow, Arrow Kitty, now known as Aria, found her home. Temple Veterinary Hospital announced on Monday that Aria was going home with her new petmom, Debbie Gorden. The hospital said of the adoption, “We feel it is a perfect match.” The photo of Aria and her new Mom seems to prove that feeling is completely right.

Debbie Gorden and Dr. Gudgel on Monday

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