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Cat Refuge Endangered After Shooting Range Opens Next Door

This past May, a shooting range opened only 80 feet from the property line of Goathouse Refuge, a no-kill, cage-free cat sanctuary located in North Carolina. Read more

Astoria7: Woman Raises Awareness and Seeks Justice for a Community's Disappearing Cats

Cats from community cat colonies are disappearing from Astoria, Queens, and Astoria7 is on the web, on Facebook and at Twitter to raise awareness, seek justice and honor the lives of the special creatures who have disappeared. Read more

Justice for Mistoffelees

Robert Brooks is heartbroken that the local humane society killed his beloved cat, and he is fighting for changes so that Mistoffelees gets some small measure of justice after the fact and so that other pets are spared her fate. Read more

Hearts Break at Kodak's Needless Death and Controversy Flares

A blind cat known to thousands through an unforgettable photo was killed at the shelter on Monday, the day he was scheduled for release to rescuers. Read more

Petition Aims to Stop the Removal of Companion Cats at Nursing Home

Residents’ family members are trying to help save their elderly relatives’ beloved cat companions at a nursing care home for seniors. We link to the petition, for anyone who wants to sign. Read more

Feral Cat Caretaker Annette Betancourt Speaks After Guilty Verdict and Sentencing

Annette Betancourt expressed disappointment after a jury found her guilty in a case that put her TNR and feeding practices on trial. A group will remove the cats to save their lives. Read more

PA Close to Ban on Gassing of Shelter Animals

Pennsylvania is close to enacting two significant pieces of legislation that will impact the state’s shelters and animals if they become law Read more

The No Kill Revolution in America

A 12 minute trailer for an upcoming full length feature tells the story of the no kill movement that is saving the lives of shelter pets in several communities across the US. Read more

From Frightened Sad Squirrel to Beautiful Happy Min-Yin: A Cat's Journey

Followup on a cat saved through social media networking, with an inside view of the story told by a member of the transport group that helped get her home. Read more

Thousands of Animals Saved and Adopted During Day Of No Kill At Shelters

Organizers say several thousands of animals had their lives spared and found new homes during the Just One Day voluntary moratorium on shelter killings held on June 11. Read more

Miami-Dade County Passes Resolution to Work On Plan To Move Toward No-Kill Shelter Policy

Miami Dade Animal Services may see more lives saved if a plan set into motion this week comes to pass. The County Commission took the first big step by expressing its willingness to work toward a low or no kill goal, and is considering several ways to approach that goal as it waits for the Mayor’s office to weigh in on the plan’s affordability. Read more

Animal Advocates Are Disappointed As NY Shelter Pet Protection Bill Fails To Become Law

Animal lovers and advocates held out hope that CAARA would pass as the truly humane shelter pet protections law and alternative to the unpopular Paulin bill, but were disappointed today when it failed to pass into law.

Read more

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