Toby, the Cat His Family Didn’t Want, Finally Finds Love


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By Adrea

Toby at home with new Mom, Michele. (Photo: WRAL)

All Toby wanted to do was go home. His owners didn’t want him anymore and gave him away, but the cat walked twelve miles back to the house he thought was his home.  This time, instead of rehoming, the owners took him to a shelter and asked that he be put down.

Toby, fortunately, was moved to the SPCA of Wake County, where the organization created a Facebook campaign to help find him a forever home…and their efforts worked!



Toby is now the newest member of the Puckett family.

“He’s just mellow and loving. He sleeps with us, he cuddles, he purrs. He’s just been great,” Michele Puckett told WRAL.  Of Toby’s attempt to go home she continued, “I’ve heard of a dog here and there maybe doing that, but I’ve never heard of a cat.”

Catgratulations, Toby on being exactly where you should be now.


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