The Spice Kittens: Kitty Cam Stars

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By Karen Harrison Binette

The Spice Kittens, fostered by John Bartlett for Purrfect Pals, are charming their way into hearts everywhere thanks to a livestream kitty cam.

Rosemary, a stray, gave birth to her kittens October 5th. She is estimated to be two years old. The two orange boys are Basil & Mace. The buff boy is Sage. The B&W girl is Pepper.

The kittens are being fostered by John Bartlett for Purrfect Pals, an Arlington, Washington organization that provides a no-kill sanctuary, foster and hospice care for homeless cats.

Click on the link to view the The Spice Kittens Kitty Cam Livestream. We’ve visited at various times of the day; sometimes tings are quiet, and sometimes there’s a lot of activity. If the kittens are asleep when you tune in, you can view when they were active using Livestream’s DVR functionality! Move your mouse over the live feed and you’ll see a gray bar display at the bottom. You can jump around in the recording by clicking on it to find when the kittens were active. Alternately, ask people in chat for good times to view.

A FAQ set up for the kittens and their kitty cam provides pretty much anything you’d want to know.

For more on the Spice Kittens, visit The Critter Room at Facebook.

Here’s a video capture from earlier this week:

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