Photos: Archie’s Rooftop Rescue

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Andy Gillies, of Cornwall Gardens, Brighton,  East Sussex UK recently adopted 5 month old British Blue cross kitten Archie, and was keeping him inside, at least until he became acclimated to his new home and had his vaccinations. Archie had other ideas a few days ago and escaped, then climbed all the way up to the roof and settled on the chimney of the three story brick house yesterday.

East Sussex Fire and Rescue does not ordinarily do cat rescues, unless called by the RSPCA. The RSPCA called Fire and Rescue and both came out to get the kitty down, using an aerial ladder platform and the efforts of 7 firefighters over the course of a 40 minute rescue operation. Archie tried to get back down the chimney as he tried to evade his rescuers, but he was successfully brought down. Andy Gillies said Archie was more subdued than usual after his misadventure.

A series of photos document the rescue.



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