Smush May Have a Cleft Palate, but Hers is a True Thanksgiving Story

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If she hadn’t been found and gotten to a rescue, this sweet little girl may not have brought the joy she has to her new forever home. Starting out as a foster, the family trialed her to see how she would get on with their brood, and she captured everyone’s heart. They just couldn’t let her go.

Owner Shannon Jackson said to WCJB News of the tiny kitten with ringworms, breathing problems, and unable to eat on her own, “If she wasn’t taken in by a pet rescue, she would have been euthanized and she wouldn’t be here today.”

Smush even has her own Faecbook page, so others who have fallen in love with this special kitty can follow her adventures. “She has a cleft pallet, but it doesn’t get her down. It just fits with her charm.” It seems that this kitty has found herself the perfect family.


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