Smeagol: From the Street to a Home for the Love of an Angel

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By Adrea

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Smeagol was trying to grow up on the dusty and dirty streets of Belize, but things had gotten so bad for the tiny kitten he didn’t move no matter how closely the cars and motorcycles got to him.  Then an angel drove by and disturbed that the kitten didn’t even flinch when she went past, she circled the block to retrieve him.  The minute he was in the passengers seat, he felt safe enough to purr as off they went to the veterinarian.

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The news after being examined was not good.  He weighed only 1 pound, was covered with dirt and grime and pus,  and had a broken jaw, the bone sticking into his mouth.  Badly infected with no pin small enough to do the repair, it seemed like there was no hope for him.   He was starving, malnourished, and it would be near to impossible to feed him.  But his angel would not let anything happen to him, this sweet little boy, who had purred all the way to the vet once he had been rescued.  She remembered she had two cans of a gravy-based cat food in her purse.  Opening up one the the tins, Smeagol stuck his whole head inside and ate to his hearts content.  With antibiotics, a fully tummy, and someone to look after and love him, Smeagol had survived the streets to find a forever home.

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It has been over a year, now, since Smeagol was plucked out of the city streets and he has grown into a handsome boy with a bit on a wonky and crooked and he has a snaggletooth, but his big, bright eyes, for which his angel named him, don’t deny that he is happy and loved.  You can follow Smeagol on Instagram and Facebook and see how he continues to enjoy life with his personal angel, someone who believed in him.

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