Sheriff Zeke – Petparent Gets Amazing Cat Portrait Tattoo

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By Karen Harrison Binette


A petparent paid tribute to her (very much alive and well) best buddy by getting a phenomenally beautiful tattoo portrait of her Himalayan cat Zeke as a handsome sheriff, in a design taken from a famous John Wayne image.

Reddit user Philpaig shared her awesome body art with the world and gave some background in the Reddit post’s comments section.

Philpaig says she sat through three sessions of about 4 to 5 hours each with tattoo artist Kaelyn Currow, owner of Honest to Goodness Tattoo, in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

She writes: “There is a little bit of a story behind it, I guess? I’ve always been a huge fan of John Wayne (You can google John Wayne and the portrait I used for inspiration will be one of the first to pop up). I also love to watch old westerns (as do my cats – surprisingly! I think they enjoy the gun slinging and horses). Both cats – Zeke and Arlo – will be immortalized on my sleeve. Zeke = sheriff, and I’m going to have Arlo as a bandit, Billy the Kid style.”

Philpaig has high praise for the artist and her studio, saying: “She’s the owner and AMAZING!! The whole shop is extremely talented, professional and [it is] affordable!”

You can visit Honest to Goodness Tattoo and Piercing at Facebook.

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