Russell Burn Survivor Plays!

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Russell, in a photo taken today.


Thousands of animal lovers were thrilled to see a new video this week with Russell, the burn survivor kitty recuperating at Animal Emergency Hospital and Urgent Care in Raleigh, North Carolina. In the video, Russell frolics and plays and looks strong and healthy.

Animal Emergency Hospital and Urgent Care said on Tuesday, July 29, in their introduction to the video: “Russell is wild today! He is feeling better every day and is playing with his toys more and more. He likes to stalk them under the curtain of his hammock. Russell’s second eye surgery was bumped back from the end of July to August 7th. This was simply a scheduling matter, his eyes are continuing to look great after the initial procedure. The wound on Russell’s back leg is still healing, the doctors are happy with the progress so far. Russell definitely feels well enough to run around. Happy Tuesday from the cat who never quits!”

Russell had his first eye surgery on June 27. You can read more about that in our post of July 4, Russell Improves and Receives Some Gifts.

For those unfamiliar with Russell and his story:

Russell was severely burned when his family’s home was damaged by a fire on January 12 of this year. He was presumed dead but turned up at the site of the fire a few days later.

He was rushed to Animal Emergency Hospital and Urgent Care, where the dedicated and compassionate medical staff committed themselves to his recovery. He remains in care there and has come a long way in his healing. Russell’s vets announced about two months ago that he had made great progress and was nearly free of bandages.  Skin grafts to his legs took and healed well.  His caregivers said at that time: “Russell is continuing to make great progress and continues to be the sweetest patient there is!”

Russell reached another important milestone in his healing when  his doctors decided they could address the area surrounding his eyes, which one notices right away upon seeing his photos.

Russell’s medical care has been paid for by donations from animal lovers, and he will return to his family once he is fully healed. Russell’s family lost everything in the fire except for their beloved cat, and they are grateful to everyone who has helped.

If you have not already seen Russell’s new video, you’ll want to see it now! If you have seen it, you may want to see it again!



You can see more, and follow future updates, at Animal Emergency Hospital and Urgent Care’s Facebook page.



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