Sad Cat Diaries — Time to Revisit

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By Adrea

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Oh, such is the plight of poor kitties, everywhere.  How they try and try and try to communicate with us, the simple minded-humans.  No matter what tactic they attempt, how much they chat us up or lay right in the middle of whatever we are doing, we just don’t get it.

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Though it may have been a while since you viewed the Sad Cat Diaries from the mind of Ze Frank, or if you have not yet had the good fortune or belly laugh from having seen them, it is always nice to revisit the plight of sad cats everywhere.

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The funniest thing, of course, is that most of us who are cat lovers will recognize some of the thoughts of these kitties, not to mention their expressions. Seriously, how many of you have not fabricated, at one time or another, the very internal dialogue you are certain your cat is having at that precise moment?  No doubt you are nodding your head in agreement.

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