Cats Eyes Are Windows to Health

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Cats eyes have often been used as the inspiration for a song, a style of fashionable eye liner, as a book or movie title. Mysterious. Curious. Calm.  Steely.  Fascinating. While there is much to wax romantic about a cat’s eyes, it is also important to know, just like a human, while they may be thought of as windows to the soul, they are also a direct way in which to identify some illness and disease in cats.



In an article on Petcoach, Dr. Christie Long, DVM, CVA, shares her insight into this particular aspect of cat health.  Cats can sometimes be difficult to diagnose, but their eyes can provide a lot of information.  For many cat owners, when it comes to the eyes, the single greatest concern is leakage.  The reason for leaky eyes is primarily because of an irritation of some sort, but it could also be due to feline herpesvirus.  In the iris, a cat that has a dark spot may have an iridial cysts, which are benign, or possibly melanoma, which is cancerous.  When the muscles that control the narrowing and widening of the pupil slow down it may be due to age-related iridial atrophy and, typically, there is a slight difference between the two pupils, but larger variances can mean different issues.  If a cat has had trauma to the eye, it is possible the injury may result in a corneal ulcer.  Flat-faced cats, like Persians, are often at-risk for this, as well, due to chronic dryness.  Many of these issues can be easily addressed and resolved once they are identified and get your cat back on the road to good health.



One of the simplest ways to combat these issues is making sure that your cat receives an annual health check.  Your veterinarian should take time looking at your cat’s eyes which can acts as a natural barometer about the current state of your pet’s health. An owner who is observant and sees is aware of subtle changes in their cat’s eyes may be in a good position to get see the proper treatment for their pet sooner than later, and aid significantly in keeping them healthy and having a good quality of life.





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