RIP Tiffany Two – world’s official oldest living cat dies at 27


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By Karen Harrison Binette


Tiffany Two, the most recent official Guinness World Records title holder for oldest living cat has passed away, both Guinness Records and her petmom have confirmed.

Guinness Records reported yesterday that Tiffany Two, the holder of oldest cat living record, passed away in her sleep on May 22 at the age of 27 years 2 months 20 days.

Sharron Voorhees, a 73 year old retired lawyer and lifelong animal lover who lives in Point Loma, California, paid $10 for Tiffany Two when she saw her in a pet store that was going out of business in 1988. Sharon says she felt an immediate connection with the cute tortoiseshell kitten when the little one looked up at her in the store.

The kitten reminded Sharron of a beloved pet who’d died from cancer at just a year old. Sharron had the original tortie cat Tiffany in the 1970s and and named her for “those glass lampshades of many colors” found on the antique Tiffany and Co. lamps.

The new kitten became Tiffany Two.

Sharron said the purchase price for Tiffany Two was the best $10 she’d ever spent.

Sharron spoke with ABC News about Tiffany Two’s passing, saying: “She spent her last days laying either on the deck or down in the yard. She used to sleep right next to me every night. But in recent months she slept in the middle of the staircase, or, most recently, she had taken up residence on the dog’s huge pillow-bed in the living room. But that night she slept next to me on her heated pad. And that is where she passed.”

“I feel okay about everything,” she added. “I did have a long time with her and I feel the end was as perfect as it can be without morbidity. She just loved me to pieces and was clearly devoted to me.”

Asked earlier this year for her thoughts on Tiffany Two’s longevity, Sharron responded by saying: “Oh gosh, I don’t know. She has just been so devoted to me. She would drool when I would stroke her. Sometimes I think she just doesn’t want to leave me.”

The famed cat clearly enjoyed a long life filled with love.

Guinness World Records said in their official statement that they were saddened to learn of Tiffany Two’s passing.

Guinness also said: “We are currently investigating and verifying the potential successors for the oldest living cat title and will announce this once we’re in a position to do so. We welcome applications for this title on our website,”

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  1. Tiffany Two is waiting at the Rainbow Bridge. I recently lost my 18 year old cat, Molly, so I know the sadness . One day Sharron will see her furbaby again.

  2. Sharon I wish you blessings of love in the loss of your Tiffany… she was very lucky to have you and she will always be with you.. I had my Tucker boy for 17 years and miss him every day…. I hope you will bring a new kitty into your life to honor Tiffany like I did with my girl Ezmerelda…. Namaste- Becky R.

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