Redding CA Group Rescues Kitty Mill Purebreds Released After Court Case Ends

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By Karen Harrison Binette

ResQ Animal Coalition of Redding, CA announced last Monday, September 24 that they have rescued several semi exotic and purebred cats who sat caged in a shelter for a year after being seized from a kitty mill operator. The Contra Costa County court case against the breeder who owned them recently came to an end.

The cats, who had ear mites, sores, and maggots in their fur when seized, sat in quarantine at an animal services facility. The breeder was awarded one of the cats by the court and the rest were likely going to be euthanized. ResQ saved the cats thought to be adoptable. ResQ president Janie Hopper is quoted at  saying “These are exotic purebreds,” she said. “This is the other side of the puppy mill. This is the cat mill.”

ResQ usually rescues, fosters and carefully rehomes small dogs, especially those from bad situations; the “unadoptables – those who come from puppy mills, hoarders, or abusive situations or those who are considered “too old” to deserve a loving home for the remainder of their lives.” The nonprofit organization places the animals in their care in foster homes until they are adopted, and runs Pawz for a Cause, a pet thrift store and boutique in Redding, with proceeds going to support the group’s work.

The group announced last week that cats from a animal cruelty case that has been in the courts for a year in the San Fransisco Bay Area are finally getting released to north state animal rescue organization, ResQ Animal Coalition. The cats came from a horrible situation and are just now being readied to live normal lives. They were caged in substandard conditions at the kitty mill and then caged at the shelter for the year that their legal status was in limbo. The the Bay Area shelter that received the cats was not going to give the cats back and the owner didn’t want to relinquish them. In ResQ’s words, “Luckily for the cats the shelter won out. Unfortunately, these cats had to be held for 1 year in cages. Now the real work begins!”

ResQ received the beautiful Abyssinians, Bengals, Oriental Shorthairs,and a Persian on September 24, along with a few small dogs from the same shelter. The cats were taken to the organization’s store for an intake period, during which time they are being tested for diseases and altered, while group members get to know them and understand their personalities and needs. A discussion at the group’s Facebook page touched on the cats’ personalities and dispositions. The cats will be fostered until they find their forever homes.

The group said, “We feel these cats, who were about a year old at the time of seizure and who spent a whole year in a cage, deserve to spend the rest of their lives as happy, well-cared for house cats.”

The group is looking for foster homes and adopters for the cats, and is accepting donations to help with the cats’ care. ResQ Animal Coalition can be reached at [email protected] or 530-276-9364.


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