Meet Izzy

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Meet Izzy.

Izzy is a sweet 7 week old special needs kitten who has been rescued at least twice in her young life. She is well poised to do well in life now, because she is in the care of Tenth Life Cat Rescue, in St. Louis, which is experienced with and places emphasis on special needs kittens. Tenth Life has not told her backstory yet, except to say that another rescue felt that Tenth Life’s care was a better fit for her than their own.

Izzy was born with very different back legs. They appear to be twisted or backwards, and her rear paws face the front of her body, as opposed to the ground. She moves them similarly to seal flippers, and as you’ll see from the video, she has figured out how to get around despite her unique legs.

Tenth Life will be leading Izzy through some simple physical therapy to increase her range of motion and strengthen her little muscles. Given their optimism and their success with such cases, they say, “We can’t wait to show you her progress!”

“She’s a sweet little kitten who purrs non-stop and loves to snuggle. We are giving her physical therapy throughout the day, and we’re investigating all potential options for her to live a great life. So lovable…”

Izzy has an older kitten to help her along the way. She gets snuggles and attention from Pip, another special needs kitty who came to Tenth Life from a situation where people were unable to care for him. Pip was adopted by the organization’s Executive Director, Elizabeth Frick.

Pip Loves Izzy: Pip, a handsome kitty with permanently bent front legs, grooms Izzy, a darling kitten with permanently-bent rear legs. And the cuteness is unbearable.

Izzy & Pip


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Tenth Life Cat Rescue saves stray cats & kittens in the St. Louis area, giving priority to those with special needs or medical conditions. They save cats from the dangers of street life and place them in foster homes until they are adopted, while networking with other local rescues and veterinarians to locate and treat special needs and other stray cats who would otherwise be euthanized. Tenth Life also takes kittens from other areas, under special conditions.

You can follow them on Facebook and at Twitter: @tenthlifecats.

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