Montana Cat Survives Freezing Weather after Being Thrown Out

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bubblles three (2)In January of 2012, Bubbles life changed drastically. Bubbles, a seven year old Manx cat, had lived all of her life indoors and never learned how to fend for herself in the great outdoors. Living in Sula, Montana,at 4,600 high in the Bitterroot Mountains, an indoor cat like Bubbles is kept insulated from the snowy weather that frequents the area.

However, in January Bubbles did something “bad” that made her owner very unhappy. Apparently, whatever it was, it was an unforgivable deed and she was put out of the house, in the middle of winter! As Bubbles sat on the doorstep, freezing and confused, her owner simply turned her back.

A visitor saw this sad situation and contacted Feral Cat Rescue, asking if they would take Bubbles in and find her a new home. While Trap, Neuter, Return (TNR) and a food bank are Feral Cat Rescue’s primary programs, how could a person say no, knowing this kitty was ill-equipped to live outdoors in such a harsh climate?

When Bubbles arrived at Feral Cat Rescue, she was suffering the effects of her time in the freezing weather. Her little four inch tail had lost all of its fur and the tip of her right ear eventually fell off from frost bite.

It has been over a year since Bubbles arrived at Feral Cat Rescue. Her fur has grown back on her tail but her ear will never grow back. She is very affectionate and quite tidy.

Bubbles’ story continues to unfold, just like our own stories. Many of us carry the scars of character-building experiences, but they do not diminish our lovability, nor our desire for companionship. Bubbles does not look in the mirror and see flaws. She accepts who she is and enjoys each day while she awaits the arrival of her kindred spirit.


Feral Cat Rescue is a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization in Hamilton, Montana dedicated to the humane treatment of feral and stray cats. Through TNR, education, spay/neuter, foster care and adoption, their goal is to end the needless suffering and killing of unwanted and abandoned felines.

2 thoughts on “Montana Cat Survives Freezing Weather after Being Thrown Out”

  1. It is impossible for me to understand how anyone could be so cruel. This beautiful kitty didn’t deserve to be put out in the freezing cold. I am so happy she is doing so much better and pray she finds her forever home very soon.

  2. So what did Bubbles do? Pee on the floor mess up the beds,go poop on the bed,no maybe she scratched the curtains while trying to reach the top,or maybe get into m the food,god food…You are a poor excuse for a person. What gos around comes around,its called Karna and you’ll get it spades

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