Missing cat Yoda is reunited with his petmom

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By Karen Harrison Binette


A woman and her have been reunited 16 months after kitty went missing while being cared-for by a friend while his petmom was on holiday.

Yoda managed to get out through a locked cat flap when he was being cat-sat by a friend of his petmom in early May of 2014.

Catherine Lang, of Colinton, Scotland, a suburb of Edinburgh, was on holiday in Ibiza when Yoda escaped from the sitter’s, in Liberton, and disappeared.

After no sign of the missing cat for well over a year, Catherine got a call from Lothian Cat Rescue recently telling her that Yoda had been found. His mircochip made the reunion with Catherine possible after he was brought in to the cat rescue and a scan revealed his identity and contact info.

Catherine told the Edinburgh Evening News about her search for Yoda after he disappeared, saying: “When I got back from my holiday I scoured the city for about three months.

“I was absolutely distraught, I hung up posters, posted leaflets through people’s doors – I did everything in my power to get Yoda back.

“People actually started noticing me in the street and asked if I’d found him yet.”

While Yoda was living as a stray, he has put on a considerable amount of weight. Workers at the businesses on the Loanhead industrial estate had been feeding him. He came to Lothian Cat Rescue after they were contacted by businesses at the industrial estate.

“Apparently he had been straying in Loanhead for a while,” Catherine told the paper.

“He is a big handsome dude, and I’ve got him back twice the size he used to be – he’s so fat.

“When I left him at my friend’s last year, he was thin. He is about four times the size of my new cats.”

“It was really emotional when we were reunited. He came straight over to me to be cuddled – he knew immediately who I was.”

Jacci Edwards, with Lothian Cat Rescue, said: “Yoda had been hanging around the industrial estate in Loanhead and had been trying to get into some of the offices.

“Some of the workers felt sorry for him and had been feeding him.

“We knew he belonged to Catherine when we picked him up because of his microchip.



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