Meet The Cat Lady With 12 Persians

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She calls them her “floof squad.” The posse of twelve Chinchilla Persians are the pampered darlings of Michelle Nakamichi of Japan.

They are all house cats, who live indoors, but they have a catio where they can get some fresh air. Their names are Yuki, Shou, Momo, Yuri, Ai, Bruce, Blackie, Kaya, Karu, James, Tiger and Goodie.

(@12catslady Instagram)

Michelle spends a lot of time brushing them and cleaning up after them, but she doesn’t mind.

(@12catslady Instagram)

“I’m happy, so it doesn’t really matter what other people think about me having this many cats,” she told Catster. Michelle and her floof squad have more than 200,000 followers on Instagram and a Facebook page.

(@12catslady Instagram)

“Living with 12 cats is like living in heaven,” she told BuzzFeed. Michelle’s love affair with Persians began when she rescued one, then adopted two more. Nine of the twelve came from one litter, but now they are all neutered or spayed, she told Catster.

You can see more incredible photos on her Facebook page and Instagram page. (Apparently she gets the cats to look at the camera at the same time by using a feather toy, according to Bored Panda.)

(@12catslady Instagram)

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