Kitten Freed from Deadly Plastic Ring

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(Animal Care and Protective Services)

Trash can kill. This kitten was cut free from a six-pack plastic ring before it was too late. He will recover, thanks to Animal Care and Protective Services of Jacksonville, Florida.

“This poor guy was picked up by one of our Animal Code Enforcement Officers today after a citizen reported his situation to the city,” according to the organization’s Facebook post. “He had a six pack ring embedded into the skin of his back and one of his front arms. He suffered some pretty deep wounds.” He needed to be put under to remove the rings.

(Animal Care and Protective Services)

“Our vets also say it likely got stuck around him when he was smaller, but as he grew it became embedded into his skin and muscle tissue.” He’s underweight, but expected to fully recover. 

(Animal Care and Protective Services/Facebook)

Plastic rings are a hazard to wildlife as well. There’s a simple but powerful lesson here. Don’t buy these things, or if you do, cut them up before you throw them out. We’re hoping this kitten’s rescuers post some more photos of him when he’s looking healthy and happy.




6 thoughts on “Kitten Freed from Deadly Plastic Ring”

  1. Here this type of holder has been illegal since 20+ years because of this very reason. Here we see cardboard to envelope the whole thing instead..

  2. I was sorting garbage one afternoon when one of my cats came up very curious about what I was doing. She stuck her head through one of the handles on the bag, got scared mostly because of the noise and ran off with that bag flying behind her. I ran after her because I was so afraid of what might happen with that around her neck. Even though she was afraid I finally found her and was able to take that bag off. I just can’t imagine that bag around a cat’s neck and the horrible damage it could’ve caused. Please everyone, cut plastic bag handles so they are no longer attached and cut plastic rings from soda and beer cans into little pieces. Thank you! ??????????

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