Kitten Deemed “Too Ugly” to Adopt Hopes to be Spokescat for Special Needs


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Romeo was said to be too ugly to be adopted.  In fact, according to the Daily Mail, after his siblings were adopted, he was left for dead.


Born with an eye deformity, this sweet little boy was saved by Santuario Compasión Animal, a rescue group in Valencia, Spain. Everyone at the rescue fell in love with him.





When  Santuario Compasión began to share his story, suddenly the little ginger kitten named Romeo had people from  around the world asking to adopt him.

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He has been happily adopted into a forever home, but  Santuario Compasión is hoping that Romeo’s story will help people to understand the value of all lives. Just because you may look different, doesn’t mean you don’t matter, and it certainly doesn’t mean you don’t have love to give.



Romeo, you are adorable.


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5 thoughts on “Kitten Deemed “Too Ugly” to Adopt Hopes to be Spokescat for Special Needs”

  1. No animal is ugly, just humans who set standards for beauty. Beauty fades, but stupidity, cruelty and the capacity to inflict harm on other sentient beings and this planet are human traits.

  2. Oh hes soooo cute, not ugly at all, define ugly?!!! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, shame on those who were willing to leave him for dead, hes adorable.

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