Doctor Uses Cardiac Massage to Save Cat’s Life

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When a cat became stuck in a revolving door in a freak accident, he almost died. The incident occurred in Istanbul when a cat was outdoors and headed toward a revolving door as a man inside the building went to come through the door. The revolving door caught the cat’s neck, pinning the cat against the door frame.

Luckily for the cat, emergency service doctor Halil Akyürek was nearby and came to his aid. The doctor freed the cat and immediately began performing cardiac massage to stimulate the cat’s heart, keeping blood moving through his body. The cat responded to the massage, and gradually the doctor was able to stop the massage. He then called a veterinarian friend who advised him to administer particular medications to help the cat recover.

The best part of the story? Doctor Halil Akyürek decided to name the cat, naming it, aptly, Miracle.

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