It’s Not Your Average Labor – It’s Cats in the Work Force

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Image source: VA Gazette
Cats are finding fantastic careers working everywhere from distilleries and cat cafes to offices and barns and receiving praises for their good work. (Photo: VA Gazette)


Cats have often found their way front and center when it comes to what could only be termed “job placement.” Whether a greeter at a hotel, cruising the book stacks of a local library, or keeping rats out of the brewer’s yeast, many thrive when it comes to a career. While some positions many seem superfluous, even silly, others have been instrumental for businesses whose trade can be severely impacted by rodents.

For more and more shelters and rescues, cultivating programs for feral cats or those with low chances of adoptability have been successful on multiple levels.  While these particular felines are not likely to become household pets, developing avenues for placement reduces overcrowding in facilities and the cats productive members of society.

Heritage Humane Society’s Cat Career Program

Catherine Watts, medical team leader for the Heritage Humane Society in Virginia, took initiative in 2014 by finding a home for a cat who didn’t fit the “pet” model.  Spike,was “hired” by the Jamestown Feed and Seed to work in their warehouse, getting rid of unwanted pests. That success let to her finding additional placement for upwards of 90 cats by 2016, the jumping off point for the organization’s Cat Career Program.

Run on donations that cover the costs of vaccinations, spaying and neutering, as well as any, this program adopt out cats without a fee. Cats are assessed so they can be aligned to assignments that best meet their personalities and characteristics. It continues to be a win-win for all involved.

If you are interested in donating this great program, please visit to learn more.


Tree House Humane Society’s Cats at Work



Photo: Tree House Humane Society


“That one loves to hunt.” Victoria Thomas told NPR of one of her cats during the interview. Her  home and yard had been overrun with rats until taking advantage of the Cats at Work program.

The placement of four feral felines at Empirical Brewery, affectionately called the “Ghostbusters,” saw employees putting cardboard boxes around the facility, soon learning those held greater fascination than store-bought toys. Although the cats were fearful of  their brewing colleagues, that has disappeared.

Visit to donate and learn more about their program.

Brewery Cat 2


Meet Hamlet, Official Greeter at the Algonquin Hotel


Who wouldn’t want to be welcomed by a bundle of fur when checking into on of New York City’s finest hotels at the end of a long day of travel? That seems like the perfect reason to make a reservation at the Algonquin Hotel. Guests are greeted by the feline receptionist, a tradition since the 1930’s. Seems like an ideal job for the right cat.

The current “cat-in-residence,” is Hamlet. Of this kitty the website states:

Almost 40 years have passed since the hotel housed a Hamlet. He is the 8th Hamlet following three Matildas. Hamlet is named after famed resident John Barrymore, in honor of his greatest stage role.

Hamlet, the Algonquin Hotel cat-about-house. (Photo: Algonquin Hotel)



The story goes that the owner, Frank Case, welcomed a feline into the hotel that was searching for food and shelter. From that night forward, a tradition was born. As the job requires a certain amount of spit and polish to meet the standards of the acclaimed lodgings, Hamlet finds himself partaking in everything from daily brushings to birthday parties to fashion show benefits. He personally came to his position via a feral cat colony on Long Island and joyfully carrying on the tradition of those felines before him.

You can connect with Hamlet via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.  Better yet, book a room and visit him in person and see what this working kitty is all about.

And Don’t Forget the Office Crowd

Office kitties are becoming more and popular.  With more HR departments realizing the value of animals helping to reduce stress in the work place, it just makes sense that a cat snuggle would do that trick.













As a salute to Office Cats everywhere, Katzenhaus team members, Gunnar, (Long haired black cat) Six, (Calico) George, (Big orange) Jax, (Skinny Russian Blue) and Sguiggy (Skinny black cat) share their advice on how to be your best cat when at work.





Let’s Not Forget Cats Who Find Their Own Career Paths


Of course, there are always those “jobs” that cats seem to be naturally inclined to take on with or without human encouragement. Who better to demonstrate some of these than the Furballs of Furball Fables fame?  Merlin, Fairy Princess, Elfin, Buddha and Yogi are more than happy to share their take on careers for cats.


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