House Cat and Bobcat: Paw to Paw


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By Karen Harrison Binette

A Maricopa County, AZ resident captured a very special moment as his house cat and a bobcat had a meeting from either side of a glass door.

CBS5 news tells the story of the meeting between wild and domestic cats.





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5 thoughts on “House Cat and Bobcat: Paw to Paw”

  1. A rather fun and very interesting interaction between a house cat and a Bobcat. I like things like this!

  2. My Mom had a Bobcat when she was growing up. She also had a coyote. They lived on a Texas ranch. It’s name was Pretty Girl and she loved the Siamese cat, Mike, that she lived with. My Mom said that when they played it sounded like horses running through the house. They lived a long and happy life together. I love the paw moment. So interesting to see wild and domestic animals interact.

  3. Except it’s not Fox5, it’s CBS5. Our local Fox affiliate is Channel 10. You might want to change that bit on the story.

    I still wouldn’t let my cats out to see how they’d react to the bobcat.

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