0 thoughts on “You Really Got Me”

  1. This is a nightly ritual for my 12-year-old neutered male cat. He does this while standing on my stomach. He gets into a trance-like state, and meows in a weird way if I speak to him. If I try to touch him, he ducks out from under my hand and dashes away from me. What does this mean? Maybe I don’t want to know!

  2. OMG! I thought my 12 year old male neutered cat Squeeker was the only cat that did this!!!!…LOL…He has a teddy bear that he gets ‘frisky’ with…He drags it in his mouth like yours does, does his ‘making biscuits’ with his paws and then his little pelvis thrusts forward…He makes these crazy meowing sound and looks quite focused….You probably don’t want to hear this, but they are basically getting their hippity bibbity on…hahaha…I can’t film him because if I catch him, he basically looks surprised, then guilty looking and then runs away…Like a mom catches her teenage son masturbating in his room….This is hilarious!

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