Honey and Lemon

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By Karen Harrison Binette

Honey the Great Dane and Lemon the Tortie play and grow together in this video tribute to them and to the wonderful bond that can exist between a big dog and a little cat.

In their person’s words:

“Honey & Lemon shared the same birthday – they came into our lives together, grew up together, played together, shared adventures together – and should have grown old together…but we lost Lemon to a mystery infection while she was staying in a cattery, in Jan 2009. She was only 5yrs old. For such a tiny cat, she has left a huge hole in our hearts – and an empty space by Honey’s side. She was the night to Honey’s day, the spice to Honey’s sweetness, the devil minx to Honey’s angel goodness – and she was a cat in a million.”

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  1. the bond between friends…I enjoyed watching this and can’t imagine the hole left on Honey’s as well as the owner’s hearts. They fill our lives with happiness. RIP Lemon…

  2. Honey’s blog is wonderful to follow. The family just had a new kitten added to their lives and the blog is written in Honey’s voice. You should see how happy she is with the new kitten.

  3. Lemon is waiting for you and Honey at the Rainbow Bridge… right now my Mom is helping to take care of her along with all of the other kitties and doggies who have gone before… Lemon will be so happy to see you and Honey again, and she’ll be so happy to meet your new kitten when it’s the new kitten’s turn to cross the Rainbow Bridge…

  4. This story is NOT a completely humane story….it is ABUSIVE to the cat to let that dog MAUL his tiny, sensitive little throat! How would you like it if an animal way bigger than you, mauled YOUR throat and trachea!?! Go out and find a bear to maul you, and then, pray to your cat you’re forever sorry….that you were wrong, and it doesn’t feel as good as you thought it was funny. I know TWO cats who were never able to meow because the family dog did to them what your dog did to your cat. Keep your happy memories from your story, but please, do not let a dog take a cat in it’s mouth, no matter how cute or loving you think it is – look at your video again…look at the cat’s reaction to the dog mauling it….it is horrible…..

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