Woman Rescues Starving Kitten From Plastic Bag

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An Australian woman rescued and adopted a kitten she found dumped in a tightly-sealed plastic bag on her street.

Sally, who asked her surname not be used, was walking along her street in Preston three weeks ago, when she heard tiny, scared mews coming from a plastic bag on someone’s veranda. She quickly ran to the veranda and released a tortie kitten that was trapped inside the bag. “The bag was tied so tightly she couldn’t move and could barely breathe,” Sally said. “Dumping the kitten was bad enough, but absolutely inhumane to leave her in this condition, presumably hoping she would die.”

Sally immediately made some calls and finally took the 6-week-old starving kitten, who weighed only 600 grams (a little over one pound), to The Lost Dogs’ Home. The manager of The Lost Dogs’ Home said the kitten was definitely underweight and looked like she had been prematurely taken from her mother. Within 24 hours, Sally knew she had to go back and adopt this kitten, whom she named Mia. “I thought ‘I can’t let her go’,” she said. After an eight-day waiting period, Mia was able to go home with Sally.

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  1. just once i’d like to beat the living h*ll out of an animal abuser. just once. a very very long once…..

  2. I both love and hate stories like this – the concept that people like this are living and breathing among us makes me incredibly sad. Thank goodness the world is also full of wonderful people like the woman who saved little Mia.

  3. I’m so glad I’m not the only person who wants a little “private time” with this horrible THING that did this to Mia…I rescued my siamese, and she’s a love! Could not imagine not taking her home! Thank you for giving Mia a life where she can know love!!!!!

  4. God bless you Ms. Sally! and I cant imagine, how cruel this human being to tightly sealed the kitten,grrrr!

  5. Thank you Sally! A thousand times, Thank you!! I also would like a few minutes alone with someone who could put a baby kitten in a plastic bag and leave it to die. WHO DOES THIS???!

  6. You are a wonderful person! I love cats, dogs, horses….oh heck, I LOVE animals and I can’t believe someone would have the audacity to abuse a helpless animal. God did not make us to be that way.

  7. My heart and soul is grateful that Mia was rescued by Sally. Thank you Sally for being such a kind, loving person to animals. Mia is beautiful and she will bring you happiness for the rest of your life.

  8. So happy that this story had a happy ending, and that Mia found a good furever home with Miss Sally! Thank you so much for taking care of little Mia, you are both angels! As for the sick f&ck that left poor Mia to die… how about we strap some weights to your ankles and drop you off into the ocean? You can become shark bait!

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