Goldie and Kate’s Happily Ever After

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How does a kitten thank the little dog who rescued and adopted her? With lots of bunny kicks to the face, according to some raw video footage we’ve seen of a play session in their forever home between the dog and her adopted kitten who were rescued from a steep embankment alongside a creek behind a Home Depot  in Anderson, SC in mid-May.

Animal control officer Michelle Smith found the dog and her kitten when she responded to a call from someone who reported hearing a dog barking for two days. Officer Smith took the pair to Anderson County P.A.W.S in Anderson.

The story of the little lost Shih Tzu mix who went to the aid of the stranded kitten, refusing to leave her side, touched the hearts of animal lovers who learned about it in May, and those who saw it when it got another more widespread round of media exposure recently after it turned up on Buzzfeed around the time of their adoption together.

P.A.W.S. got requests to adopt the sweetly bonded pair from all over the world but chose Joe Harris and his wife, of Fountain Inn, NC, who call themselves lucky to have been selected to adopt the duo, who they named Goldie and Kate, in a nod to famous mother and daughter Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson.

Joe Harris said he and his wife saw the little dog and her kitten on a local TV station and submitted an application with a “tear jerker of a letter” telling how the pair reminded him of his family’s former dog and cat, Samantha and Simon, who passed within two months of each other in 2012.

“It’s a lot of fun watching the two of them,” said Joe. The pair spend much of their time running around the house and wrestling.

Goldie still acts as Mama to the growing kitten and lets her cuddle and try to nurse during quiet time at night.

“Goldie adopted Kate, and we adopted both of them,” their new petdad said.

Joe has created a Facebook profile for the pair, Goldie N Kate Doe.

Fox Carolina visited Goldie and Kate at home with their new family:
(You can watch the raw footage of playtime HERE)

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  1. That all are happy for ever ,we have a Shih Tzu they are full if love,he is 7 years old but they are like puppies , he loves the cats.
    God blesses who are kind with His creatures.

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