Forever Kitten: Teeny Feline May Not Grow Up

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By Adrea

widdle 1
Widdle (left) is quite a bit smaller than his sister, Chubs, but still healthy…just tiny! (All photos: trashcanjonesfosters/Instagram)


We have all wished our kittens would stay that way, sometimes, but a little ginger in New Zealand may do just that. When a veterinarian nurse who is also a kitten foster mom took a third letter into her home, she never expected that one she named “Widdle,” would come to match the moniker.

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While no one seems to know medically why he is staying so small at 2/3’s the size of his siblings, Widdle appears to be completely healthy. And he has so captivated his foster mom, she decided she had to adopt him.  And the little kitty has found sitting on shoulders is his way to make a big impression on anyone around…including her new mom.

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To see more adorable pictures of Widdle, his littermates, and all the other sweet fosters, visit trashcanjonesfosters on Instagram!

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