David Bowie: Artistic Respect for a Cat Lover

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By Adrea

David Bowie and Abyssinian

Since the death of David Bowie, the world continues mourning an artist of true vision and innovation on so many levels.  Little tributes to this amazing man, and well-known lover of cats, have been popping up in both expected and unexpected places.  Some of these dedicated pieces of art have been around for a while, but recirculating with renewed interest.  Others are new, crafted from respect and sadness over having lost him much too soon. Regardless, each is a nod to the very inspiration Bowie instilled in each creative artist.  Whether inked on paper or on skin, Bowie’s influence, and his love of cats, will remain prominent in the worlds of music, art, and fashion.

David Bowie may have left this earth, but it is certain that his influence will remain and continue to ignite artistic passions within generations to come.

Bowie tattoo 4
created by Alex Strangler


Bowie catmadeco
created by catmadecom


Bowie 2 Girls
created by TWO GIRL RYAN(N)(E)S
Bowie hhprintster Mandy Stoller
created by Mandy Stoller
Bowie Danielle Laurenti
created by Danielle Laurenti/Green Illustrations









Bowie langley-fox-pcp-760x570
created by (and shown holding) Langley Fox


Bowie Nina Friday
created by Nina Friday
Bowie Daisy Church
created by Daisy Church
Bowie tattoo 1
created by Katie Shocrylas
bowie giphy 2




Bowie Anna Cho
created by Anna Cho




Bowie tattoo 3
created by Lisa Hower








Bowie littlefanglittlefang
Bowie kitten










Bowie redbubble
created by WRLDS at redbubble.com
Bowie painting
created by sebastian krüger


Bowie tattoo 2
created by Alex Strangler
Bowie Purringtons Cat Lounge Portland
Purrington Cat Lounge, Portland, OR


















































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