Craigslist Guy Has The Right Idea

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By Karen Harrison Binette

Actual Austin TX Craigslist ad placed after the guy’s girlfriend said his cat had to go. It’ s making the rounds now.

We don’t know if the poster’s girlfriend really gave him the ultimatum, but this is an actual Craigslist post. The photo image is from the ad but was taken off of the internet and is not the poster’s cat.

We’ve heard from Craigslist guy, who thanks us all for our comments and says that, while no one has taken her, she is gone.

Girlfriend says cat has to go!! Free tonight!!

My girlfriend said the cat has to be gone by 12:00 tomarrow. She left a little while ago to hang with her friends. I put all her crap on the lawn and will try my best to find her a new home but if not there is always the shelter.


So what we have here is one mildly attractive yet bitchy soon to find out she is a homeless exgirlfriend. She is somewhat house broken (but i think she is still connected to her mom by the umbilical cord).

She is in her midtwenties and is NOT SPAYED (though she usually takes the pill) Lot of life left in this one. She is up to date on her shots and is great with dogs and small children, but does not seem to get along well with cats.

She is playfull and bathroom trained (If takeing over every inch of horizontal surface with her stuff in the place is house broken. Then she is the Queen of house brokeness!!!).

She has somewhat of a special diet though i never figured it out fully, but pretty much it is dictated by what ever her closest friend of that week is into (Raw, vegan, atkins, hostess) You get the picture.

She will be coming with a whole lot of stuff!! (If it is still there when she comes home, but when iam done here Iam heading right over to the free section so maybe not) There will not be a rehoming fee (As a matter of fact i got $34 cash if you can get her tonight, If you need more we can hit the atm unless you have paypal then we have lots of options).

The main reason I am rehoming her is becuase she moved in about 9 months ago, and for three months everything was great, but then she started bitching about my cat. My cat has lived with me for 11 years since he was abandoned in my yard at about 3 weeks old, and i had too bottle feed him and teach him how to do everything a cool male should know (hunt, nap, play, hide, chirp like a bird. how to use a litter box!! This was the most challenging as i did not know how to use one myself. That made for some awkward moments) In other words Misdemeanor and I have been kicking it for a long time, and if she thinks I would even consider kicking him to the curb. Well need i say more?


I may put her up for auction on ebay tonight if my lawyer gives me the okay.


We do not include the poster’s contact information out of concern that he will be inundated with offers for replacement girlfriends. You can go to the ad and reply via Craigslist, though, ladies.


For more, see Craigslist Guy Speaks! to read what the man who chose his cat over the girlfriend has to say.


Still can’t get enough? Here’a a classic Craigslist post from a few years ago:
“I Don’t Miss Her, But I Miss You”: Craigslist Letter To An Ex’s Cat.

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  1. I got my little kitten off Craig’s list and I’m so glad I did because he had roundworms and had never been to the vet for his shots. He is the love of my life even though he is mad at me right now because he just got neutered a couple of days ago. The guy in that story sounds awesome and his girlfriend sounds like a loser!

  2. has a similar story: Some years ago I’d rescued 2 itty bitty kitties and luckily found a home for them, together. On the day the young woman was to have picked them up, she let me know she wasn’t able to have them. I was stunned, of course, and asked her why she didn’t want them. She told me that “her boyfriend said she couldn’t have them”. I told her…”get rid of the boyfriend”. She chose not to, so I kept the kittens and I still have them 12 years later.

  3. Got kitty free with bag of cat food (ekk, couldn’t say no, she’s too cute!) bf wants her out. Have been searching for a shelter for bf but currently no openings :/

  4. Well done that man from a fellow cat loving man and proud of it animals show love with no conditions attached I would do the same as him if my g/f told me it’s her or the cat

  5. That guy freaking rocks! I’d kick any boyfriend to the curb for my cats too. 😉

  6. I love you whoever you are for this, they are our babies and much more loyal than any man or women will ever be.

  7. i’d marry you! what a guy! 😀 glad you could see a loser when it was staring you in the face…..

  8. My ex wasn’t a cat fan, but he was kind to my kitties, in return they allowed him to have one side of the bed uncontested for the duration of the relationship. They knew when we were going to break up before I did, 2 weeks before it was all over they took back his side of the bed, they knew he wasn’t going to return!

  9. Hi misder!
    Awesome … you’re really you! Thanks for posting the great Craigslist listing. As you know, everybody has gotten a real kick out of it.
    Did you get anybody to take her off your hands? If you’re looking for another I think we can send a few thousand candidates your way. 😉

  10. yes he did.. absolutely.. if she was that pickey with the cat. what happens if she doesnt like whatevery else the guy has..

  11. Coming from a long, long line of cat-lovers on both sides of my family (both genders, too) , any relationship I’ve found to be less than loving of cats has been shown the door. Absolutely, if you don’t love my loved ones, you don’t stay in my life and you sure aren’t worth a second of my time. Good on this guy! (And yeah, I love that photo!)

  12. It has taken 2 days to read all the emails and not one person wanted her. This has been an amazing experiance. I posted that ad for her cuz i knew one of friends would see it, but this is so much better. I don’t think she even saw it, or has not yet…..

  13. Oh and for any-one that is curious?? She is gone I don’t even know where she is staying. I left my phone and computer and went to the beach to meditate for the weekend. I came in late last night and had a few hundred e-mails to filter through. Thank you all so much!! I did not even have a single hate mail. Everyone has supported me in this. :o)

  14. My husband told me ” I have cats” that was his sare away line( since all the girls he dated did not like cats) I found him more atractive.

  15. i wish i could kick out the hubs. found out too late that he’s not really into animals like he said he was. he told me to “donate” my cats (English isn’t his first language) even thought i’ve had them since kittendom in 2001 and he’s only been around since 2005. sorry, bucko. they win. we wouldn’t be a couple had i known you were that anti-pet to begin with.

  16. I agree with the guy choosing his cat over his girlfriend, but that didn’t give him the right to dump her property and then offer to give her away. What’s up with that? For someone who cares about sex trafficking and human slavery, that sits very, very wrong.

    Frankly, as obnoxious as she might be and as bad the relationship might have been, nobody has the right to cancel out her right to self-determination. The fact that she is unaware of the ad describing her as is she was an animal and offering to take away her human rights is no defense.

    (Yeah, I know the ‘it was only a joke’ defense. That doesn’t sit well, either).

    Imagine instead if the guy had the maturity to sit down with his girlfriend and tell her he was choosing the cat and she had x amount of time to move herself out. Yes, it would be much less emotionally satisfying to an angry person, but much, MUCH more decent.

    You know, decent as we hope all cat owners are.

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